Olivia O'Lovely

So Olivia comes back for round two, this time I'm ready for her, especially after she gave my black dick a good fucking, bitch just about tired me out. Not this time, Nope, I plan on turning the tables and fucking this spicey spanish ass til she begs for mercy. She's got the whole phat booty going for her, I'll give her that, guess it helps this girl loves to fuck too...

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Olivia O'Lovely

Olivia just loves getting her tight little spicy Latin snatch stuffed with fat black cock! This horny Spanish slut couldn't get enough cock and by the end of the night, had fucked and sucked everyone in our entire crew! Watch her tight lil' latin pussy get stuffed with big black dick in this hardcore video!

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Oh hell yeah! Gimme some big fat black ass like the ass on Marshae! Damn, I love me these ebony freaky fat and chunky chicks, don't you? Girls like Marshae will smother you between their mounds of butt, your dick will get squeezed between buns so huge they'll bounce you off the damn planet! Here's Phat Booty Hoe, Marshae, coming to show you just how well these big butt black babes love to fuck! Get ready for a ride you won't forget with Phat Booty Hoes and Marshae!

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Nina Perez

Nina is always fun to work with, and whenever she comes into the studio, the guys always hope it's their turn to fuck this latin slut. Her sexy ass is one that loves to bounce up and down an any dick that's around, and her mouth is always ready to open wide and start sucking cock, but the best thing about Nina is that she just plain loves to fuck, and it shows. You never had to worry about this chick having a bitchy day - not Nina, she's always ready, willing and able to fuck you all night long... take a look at this sexy latina whore and enjoy!

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Victoria Allure

Have you ever had a phat booty hoe on your pool table? That's what I encountered today - and I have to say I wish it happened more often. I would have railed that ass right on the table, but she wanted to get freaky outside. I'm down with that kind of crazy shit, so I bent her over in the deck chair and fucked her silly.

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Nicole has it all - a perfect Latin ass and the perfect size tits to go along with it. Sometimes you meet these Spanish girls who have little tits and a big fat ass, or vice-versa. Not Nicole, those nipples just begged to get sucked, and when she would bend over - her ass just couldn't wait to get some of my big black dick inside! I'd fuck Nicole again, but she said she was going back to her old boyfriend. Damn, I sure do miss this girl and her sexy Latin butt...

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Victoria Allure

Victoria chills out by her pool completely naked - I'm sure she knew I was watching her, because she was bending over and letting me get one hell of an eyeful of her ass. She smiled as she saw me coming over, my dick already threatening to bust out of my pants. She was just waiting for me in doggystyle position, so I took full advantage.

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Mone Divine

Mone's big ol' phat Latin butt gets filled full of stiff black dick in this one! Cleaning houses wasnt quite cutting it so Mone decided to do a little fucking on the side to pay some of the bills. This big phat Latin booty does more than pays bills, this ass is worth its weight in gold! Hope you enjoy it!

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Tay Dash

My. Dick. Is. Hard. One look at Tay Dash in her black lingerie and stockings, and I want to toss her on the ground and fuck the shit out of her. Damn, wouldn't you? Look at this slut! Those red panties of hers are hiding a treasure I wouldn't mind plundering for a couple of hours! She sucks, she fucks - and she loves anal too. How much better can it get than this? Enjoy phat booty hoe, Tay Dash, and if your dick ain't hard after watching this video, nothing is gonna do it for you!

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Millian Blu

Millian leaned over the fence one day when I was outside doing some work, and she called me over. Said she had watched me fucking a couple of girls and wanted to know if she could come on over and sample some of my dick too. Hell, who and I to argue? She walked over and told me she loved black dick inside her latin pussy. Now, is that an invitation? Hell, I didn't need any more encouragement! With one very sexy ass, I had no problem giving Millian what she wanted... 11" of my black cock...

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Ya wanna watch a Tootsie roll, then give this girl a call, because Tootsie is her name, and damn, her ass really knows how to roll around up and down all over a dick! I loved fucking this whore, seeing her fat ass bounce all over my dick as she jumped up on top, and then of course I had to have a better view, so I bent her over and started slapping that delicious phat booty from behind. Tootsie is a great big babe, and she loves sex, and that's what it's all about.. wanna roll? Make sure you get ahold of Tootsie...

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Mersedez Santos

Oh shit, it's time for yet another juicy Latina ass to wander into the backyard. Maybe I have a big ass birdfeeder or some shit out here that attracts them - oh well, I might not understand what attraction these ladies have for my big cock, but I do know that I will bang them so hard that their asses will not stop shaking.

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Tisha Price

Tisha just loves getting some big booty action in the outdoors, so she runs around half nekkid in her backyard a lot. I'm always one to take advantage of a situation like that, so I took off to her place and showed her a good time. I was already stiff from when she took her thong off, so it wasn't any problem sinking into that pussy right away.

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Mercy Lay

Oh Mercy! Come and Lay your phat latin ass right on my dick! Let me slide between those wet luscious cheeks of yours and give you some ass fucking you won't soon forget! You'll be back for more after I'm all done giving you my big black 11" dick! That's how all the guys react when they see Mercy Lay for the first time! This sexy latin whore loves fucking, and she knows how to move her ass in all the right ways so a guy loses his cool real quick! One sexy latina babe, one big latin butt, what more does a guy want?

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Tisha Price

Tisha was sunbathing out by the pool buck naked when I saw her. Her ass was all nice and rounded, just the right size for slapping. Lucky for me she was in the mood, so we got freaky right on the pool deck. Someone could have come by at any time, but do you think she gave a shit? Fuck no - I think that just made her hornier.

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Mercedez Santos

I don't care what car she's named after, she's got a big ol' trunk and that's all that matters here! You're not going to want to miss Mercedes getting her trunk stuffed with a bunch of junk in this video! This big Mexican booty may have a lot of miles on it, but it's worth every inch of the way! Enjoy!

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Timani & Sydnee Capri

Timani and Sydney are two of my favorite phat booty hoes. Of course, I pretty much have to say that about any of the chicks that roll on through here and let me fuck the two of them at once. I do have to say that having 2 times the amount of booty bouncing around is something that will keep you going for a long ass time, plus I got to bust a nut on both of them.

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Menage A. Roz

I'm like a walking cocksickle for these women, I swear. I don't know what type of magnet I have for the big bottom babes, but I do have to be thankful every time one of them wanders into my backyard and gets her bottom all nice and oiled up for me, an invitation I can't resist and when this redheaded latina walked in - I had no problem being thankful again...

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