Vanessa Lee

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Krystal Jordan

Krystal Jordan is not the type of chick that I expected to want to be a naughty little whore. She looked innocent at first, but she kept bending over to pick up all sorts of things...there was nothing innocent about that. Plus her ass was too amazing not to take a chance on her, so we ended up back at my place and before long her tight teen pussy was getting slammed full of my big black dick.

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I had heard some rumors floating around that one of the new teachers at the school liked to show off her tattoos to her students. Being the good principal I am, I figured I better check her out. Carmyell was a little bit surprised I was there after her last class, but when I mentioned the rumors, she shocked the shit out of me telling me they were true! I told her I could fire her or, if she wanted to keep her job, she could show me these tattoos of hers. She must love her job, because she was quick to pull down her bra and show off her tit.. er I mean her tattoos! Needless to say, she showed me a heluva lot more, getting my dick involved! I think she has one over on me now and well, as long as she doesn't mind giving me a little bit of after school activity, she can keep her job!

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Chyna Black Has Phat Booty

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Vanessa Lee

After round one, Vanessa called me up and asked if she could come back for another. I said no problem, and she was over a couple of hours later. This time, this girl really turned on the chubby charm. Now, usually girls that are a bit bigger don't like to walk around in tiny lingerie, but Vanessa had no problem showing off her ass in thongs and stockings. Guess she knows how much fun I had fucking her latin-asian-ass. She showed me she loves to suck cock too, but I had more fun watching her bounce up and down on my pole... gotta love those chubby latin-asian chicks...

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Tia Sweets

Tia might not be the hottest teen that I've fucked before, but have you taken a look at her ass? You cannot argue about a thick ass that looks that damn good. Plus she's all about breaking out some oil and making it look even better. I was in heaven the instant I put my dick in this tight teen pussy. I had to stretch that shit out to even fit it in she was so fucking tight.

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Mz. Buttaworth

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Destiny Dymes Hardcore Anal

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Valerie Spice

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Marquetta Jewel

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Miss Dee's been around the block a few times, and she always said if she ever could show up in the classroom as a teacher for a day, she'd love to show us kids a few things. Guess she decided to make good on that promise, because she was there, ruler in hand one morning when I walked in. Said she was tired of me acting like I was some damn porn star with all the women I fucked and told me that she wanted me to prove I was as good as I've bragged. That's all the invitation I needed! I couldn't wait to show this big ass black MILF that my dick was ready to teach her a few things! Miss Dee said I did well.. but watch this video and you decide...

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Tiana certainly doesn't have the biggest tits, but damn this hot bitch makes up for it when you want a little bit of latin pussy! Her ass is so perfect, her pussy is so damn hot, and her mouth works some magic, so when Tiana is in the room, you know you're going to have one very good fucking session! A perfect ass on a perfect fuck, what more can any guy ask for when he's looking for latin sluts to have a good time with?

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Semmie DeSuora

Miss Semmie is one of the hottest mature teachers we've got at our school! Every now and then she loves to flash us a glimpse up her skirt - of course all the guys manage to drop a pencil or some other piece of whatever on the floor. I think this older ho' loves to tease and flirt with younger guys, a cougar definitely. Doesn't matter, my homies bet me I couldn't get a piece of this big butt black babe, took them on, and guess who won the bet? You got it - take a look at our video and watch what happened when I stayed after class one day...

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Lovely Love

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Tia Sweets

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Kelly Starr

Ms. Kelly came around one evening said she wanted to help me with some tutoring she thought I needed. Here I am, minding my own damn business and one of my teachers is telling me I need some additional help. Hell, I thought I was doing pretty damn good myself. Anyway, she said she had this "special project" for me to work on for extra credit. I'm thinking, I graduate soon, I don't give a damn about extra credit. Wouldn't you know it, she starts taking off her clothes and telling me that SHE was the "special project" and if I could show her all I learned in my Anatomy class, she said she'd give me a passing grade! Well, one look at her big black ass, and I was determined to remember everything..even if I slept through the boring shit!

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