Kahfee Kakes

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Nut Bustin Yaya Banks

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Aza Haze

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Mz. X-Tream

I had signed up for some private lessons thought I was gonna get a couple of hours of tutoring in for a Physics class - imagine my surprise when Mz. Xtream showed up decked out in this outfit. I guess I wasn't specific enough when I told the girl on the phone I wanted a chance to shuck a couple of theories! She must have thought I said fuck a couple of whores or something how the hell do I know. Either way, this fat ass black slut opens the door and next thing you know, I'm down on my knees with a damn blindfold on! Yeah, this tutoring session went to hell pretty damn quick. So I got a chance to fuck this whore, and the way she showed me who was boss? Not that I mind, it's nice when you've got huge tits and a fat fucking ass to prove a couple of theories on...

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Ms Kitty Kat Has A Hairy Pussy

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Queen B.

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Lolly Pop

I asked Ms. Lolly Pop how many licks she'd like to give my sitck, and she gave me the evil eye. You know that look that a black slut gives you? Yeah, she gave it to me. Not that I minded, she then handed me a test paper back with a little note on it to "see me after class". I got instant hard-on, because I figured she was gonna give my stick a lot of licks. Ya know? I was right! This big butt teacher couldn't wait to pull down my pants, whip out my dick and start licking away! I ain't planning on telling you just how many licks it took til the cream center - just keep watching Mz. Lolly Pop and you'll find out...

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Big Booty Yasmine Loren

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Vivian Ivy

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Dominique Pleasures

Dominique is not a big booty teen that I will forget easily. Her eyes pierced through me the second we met, and the intensity that I saw just screamed ' fuck me '. She was all over me back at my place, wrapping her lips around my thick cock while her hot teen ass is bouncing around up in the air. I tore that pussy up and she kept on coming back for more. Now that's the type of chick I love.

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Farrah Foxx

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Aryanna Aden And Dat Ass

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Victoria Lane

Ran into Victoria at the local market, she came up to me while I'm minding my own business - but sneaking peeks at her sexy ass - and asked me if I wanted some salsa to go with the chips I was grabbing. Hell yea, no problem here, she can come on over and sit on my tamale anytime. I don't know what the hell is wrong, minding my own business, just out for a snack run, and I've got the bitches lining up to fuck my dick...

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Betty Boo

Betty was one teen that I'll never forget. This hot black slut might look innocent, but she really has a sex crazed demon inside of her that was dead set on trying to get me to cum the second she put my dick in her mouth. It was really hard not to since I was wanting to bust a nut on her the minute I saw her hot black teen ass.

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Lacey Lee

Lacey is one of my classmates going for a teaching degree. We got to talking one night after class, and I told her that her ass is a fine piece of work, asking her if she ever thought about modeling and showing it off. She hadn't, so I gave her my card and told her to give me a call sometime. About a week goes by and Lacey tells me she wouldn't mind coming over so I could get a closer look at her ass. Sounds like a damn good plan to me! As you can see from the photos and video - this wanna-be-teacher couldn't wait to show off her big black butt, and a few other things too! Damn, she was good, and I bet she'll be great teaching those students of hers...

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Phat Booty Ho Jayden Starr

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