Dominique Pleasures

I absolutely love working with Dominique, because this is one hot black whore who knows how to use her hands, mouth, pussy and ass to pleasure every guy she fucks. I always know that I'm gonna need a day to rest after I get done doing scenes with Dominque and the video you'll be watching was no exception! I couldn't wait to fuck this chick again, and get to squeeze her sexy black ass. Yeah, Dominque is one hot horny ebony whore, so enjoy all the phat wet booty pics and videos!

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Diamond Star

Diamond has the ass that I dream about. I could take a bite out of her ass like you would an apple. All I've been thinking about is her ass. How her nice big ass made my cock hard faster than any other woman ever has. I only wish that I knew Diamond a long time ago. Maybe I could have married her and had her all to myself. Though, an ass like that needs to be enjoyed by as many men as possible.

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Diamond Star

Another day at the job for me. Every time I fuck a fat booty babe I feel like I won the lottery. I feel like I am the luckiest man on the planet. I only wish that I could fuck fat booty babes all day long. I'd fuck them until my dick fell off. I really loved Diamond's ass. It was big and beautiful. A true pleasure to experience her hefty backside.

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Delotta Brown

Yup, we got another big booty all-star here! Delotta has one of those asses you just cant wish to stuff from the back! And she would probably want you to! Big fat titties and a super tight little wet pink slit just dripping with love juices! You're not going to want to miss this one! Enjoy!

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De Collector

De Collector has probably the biggest ass I've been lucky enough to fuck on a black chick. You gotta love this girl though, she knows how big her ass is but she still can move! Just watch how much De loves showing off those big huge brown round mounds; how slippery and slick she gets her butt, and how well she fucks any dick that comes her way! De's a great fuck, and when you watch this video, you'll understand why all the guys can't wait to start poking her fat wet black ass!

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Crystal Clear

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Cookie Dough & Jamaican Plums

Plum and Cookie - two black chicks that I couldn't wait to fuck! We had to draw straws to see which guy would get in the middle of these two sexy babes, and of course I got the lucky draw. What can I say, doesn't hurt to stack the cannister in your favor, ya know? Anyway, put yourself in my place, hardworking guy, getting his dick sucked by two hot tongues, getting his choice of which brown round butt he wants to fuck.. what can I say, you gotta love this job, and I ain't complaining, after getting to fuck the shit out of Plum and Cookie and their fat wet butts...

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Big Red

Sometimes I wonder where we find these chicks. Sometimes I'll meet a chick and give her a business card. Most of the women I fuck, the bosses find one way or the other. I only wish that I knew where they find all these chicks with big asses. I like to mix things up a bit. Sometimes I like those babes with big asses. Other times I'm a big jug kind of guy. I really made a mess all over her big ass.

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Baby Cakes

Baby Cakes is just the cutest, sexiest black babe you want to fuck. I mean, she's got this megawatt smile that makes you want to take her and give her some awesome sex! Don't get me wrong, she may be cute, but this ebony whore really does know her way around a dick, especially with her sexy ass waving in the air! She's the sweetest girl, but she's wild and crazy in the bedroom. She'll suck your cock like it's the last one on earth, and when she tells you she wants to fuck - you better give it to her and hard! You'll melt when you get a taste of this sexy ass on Baby Cakes...

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Aymee Austynn

You know I liked what I saw. It was everything I could do to keep myself from blowing my load right away. I go crazy over those babes with fat asses. Her ass should be made into a statue. I would pay good money to see an ass statue like that right down town. I would be willing to bed that there would be less violence. There would be way more men jerking off while looking at the statue than ones looking for a fight.

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Aymee Austynn

I met this fat booty babe while clubbing. It took a few drinks before I could get the nerve to talk to her. I really had no idea what to say. So, I gave her my business card. I told her that if she ever wanted to make some extra cash, all she had to do was give me a call. A few weeks later she called me up and this is what happened. I nailed that big black ass like it had a bulls eye on it.

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Ayana Angel

You cant have a complete big booty site without Ayana! She's one of the favorites and DAMN, you can see why. This chick was blessed with one of the finest apple bootys on the planet! And she knows exactly how to use it! If you've never seen Ayana in action, you're missing out!

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Ashley Licks

I kept wondering how I got so lucky as to fuck such a beautiful lady. Not to mention a lady with such a great ass. I'm telling you, I wanted to fuck her as soon as I laid my eyes on her ass. Some guys like big tits. Hell, some guys are even into feet. Me, I'm strictly an ass man. I even shot my load all over her nice black ass.

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Ashley Brooks

I like my women with a little meat on the backside. In this case, a whole lot of meat. Check out the ass on this black sweetheart. My dick got hard as a rock when she was playing with her ass. Believe me, I was more than ready to fuck this fat ass woman. I just wanted to pound her from all angles. You know what I mean. It was time for this nice ass to get a workout!

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Angie Love

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Alayah Sashu

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Ahnyjah Black

Ahnyjah is this cute young chick that couldn't wait to get all soapy and wet and show off her phat black ass. She said she knows how much it turns guys on, and she was damn straight about that. Watching her get all soapy, watching that water fall off her booty, just made me want to walk up, bend this girl over and start giving her a good fuck, doggy style. Ahnyjah said she'd come back another time and show off more, as long as I had some friends over...

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